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CGRA Election

* If you would prefer to download, fill-out and mail your ballot, click above button and BE SURE TO REVIEW MAIL-IN BALLOT REQUIREMENTS.

September 21, 2023

Following the General Membership Meeting at 7:00pm, Elections will begin at 8:00pm.

Each Candidate will be allowed to read their bio before the Membership proceeding in-person voting. Be ready for a fun show while the Election Committee tallies final votes, and administers any Runoff Elections, as necessary. The goal of the evening is to complete elections no later than 11:00pm.

You can also download a ballot to your laptop or desktop computer. Mobile ballot downloads are disabled. 

Your Election Committee

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Roger Courtemanche 

Election Committee  Chair

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Kade Hiller

Membership Chair

monique copy.jpg

Monique Zimbelman

Election Judge

Doug Tear 1.png

Doug Tear

Election Judge

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Official Candidates

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Brendan Sullivan

Running for President

"One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals." - Michael Korda

No quote could be truer for CGRA at this moment. I've had the honor of being your Rodeo Director the year before last, and I'm excited to lead the next chapter of positive change as I run for CGRA's presidency this year. But I need more than just your vote.

Reflecting on the past two years, it's been a whirlwind of momentum and achievement. Together, we blazed a trail, raising over $100,000 that fueled our mission. And this year, CGRA continued that fire, hitting the same fundraising mark while wisely tucking away $20,000 in reserves.

Now isn't the time to pump the breaks, our momentum is unstoppable. Picture this: CGRA and the gay rodeo community shining as a beacon of innovation and strength, recognized by international rodeo associations nationwide. But like I said, I need your help.

Did you notice the energy at this year's rodeo? Packed stands on both days were no accident. It's the result of strategic leadership, teamwork, and our vibrant Colorado community spirit.

Your vote will be the rocket fuel propelling us to new heights of rodeo greatness. And that result is in your hands.

I'm not just asking for your vote; I'm asking you to vote for the team that can elevate us. Building on what we've achieved so far demands breaking free from 'how it's always been done' and embracing innovative thinking. Our goal is a dynamic, ingenious, youthful, intelligent, and passionate Board of Directors – and this year, it's within reach.

So, cast your ballot for the team that can continue the momentum you have witnessed the past few years. By doing so, you equip our long-standing organization with a team poised to deliver successful rodeos for decades to come. Let's rally for this new frontier of rodeo excellence – a journey you'll be proud to be part of.

Remember, your vote isn't merely a checkmark; it's a declaration of commitment to progress, change, and a brilliantly bright future. 

Believe me when I say, 'You ain't seen nothing yet!'

Charis Loren

Running for Vice President
Copy of Charis Loren_edited.jpg

I have set on several organizations BOD. I have been a passed Miss CGRA and went on to bring home the title of Miss IGRA. I believe that Royalty  is instrumental in the success of our organization with fund raising efforts and education for the general community. I support the country/western lifestyle whole heartily in the gay community and believe it is relevant to give many individuals a home and safe place to thrive.

Greg Tinsley

Running for Vice President
Greg Tinsley.jpg

I have been a member of CGRA since 1986, Have been on the board as entertainment chair for two years, rodeo events chair for 4 years. I am a past Mr CGRA 1st runner-up 1992-93 and 1996-97.  I have been on the Bylaws committee several times.  I have run the CGRA Royalty competition and know what needs to be done and that the Vice-president is the liaison to guide /mentor the royalty team though their reign up to the IGRA Royalty Finals, bring back the Black Sash. I have competed in the rodeos for many years and know most of the rodeo family. I always have my eyes and ears open to what is going on and learning new things to bring back to CGRA.  As you see, I have the passion and love for CGRA. I want CGRA to be strong, and new ideas, bringing in new members so CGRA's future will still be going forward.
Thank you, Greg Tinsley

Pauline Chavez

Running Running for Vice President

Pauline, a respected CGRA and IGRA title holder, has been a dedicated presence in the queer community throughout the Front Range, organizing numerous shows and fundraisers across the state.

As the former Emperor of the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire, Pauline brought an old-school style back to our community, alongside Empress Janelle. They were part of a unique trio of Latin monarchs, emphasizing community outreach while honoring tradition and fostering change.

Pauline is eager to serve as CGRA's next Vice President, promising tireless dedication to the role. Your vote is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Butch Compton

Running for Secretary

With a background in nonprofit leadership, I am a dedicated individual with a rich history in sports and community involvement. As a founding member of the Houston Roughnecks in International Gay Rugby, I served as president and played passionately for three years. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in founding Diesel Softball, where I've been a member of Dallas NAAGA since 2007, and held positions as fundraising chair and president.

My commitment to leadership extends to the Dallas Diablos Rugby team, where I served as a player, VP, and assistant coach in the International Gay Rugby (IGR) league. In TGRA Dallas, I assumed the role of President, raising $50k for the Dallas community during my tenure. My involvement in IGRA also includes roles as President, Rodeo Director and Assistant Rodeo Director for TGRA and CGRA.

David Hill

Running for Treasurer
David Hill.jpg

Been the Treasurer for many years.  Hard working and dedicated to the purpose of CGRA.

Need to provide stability on the CGRA Board of Directors.

Jack Morgan

Running for Trustee
Jack Morgan.jpg

Having been involved in Gay Rodeo for over 30 years, including as an IGRA certified official for over 22 years, my passion for gay rodeo, serving our communities and representing the western lifestyle are near and dear to my heart.  Serving as your CGRA Trustee I have attended all IGRA meetings in order to represent the membership, their interests and goals of CGRA at the IGRA level.  In addition, I plan to continue to support, and focus on the 2025 celebration for 50 years of gay rodeo that will celebrate all gay rodeo associations. Including the bid to be presented at the IGRA convention 2023 for Colorado to host the 2025 IGRA convention. I also, will be focused on both CGRA and IGRA's representation at the 2025 World Pride that will be held in Washington DC in June of 2025. I ask that you look at my track record of attendance and representation of which I have performed for CGRA at the unwavering dedication year after that I have exhibited for The Colorado Gay Rodeo Association.

Robert Thurtell

Running for Trustee
robert copy.png

Allow me to introduce myself, seems like an odd way to start this, however, as our Organization grows and changes over the years there are many who may not know the person I am and the LOVE I have for CGRA.

I've been a member of CGRA for some 30+ years now.  I started as a member, much like many of you, and went on to start a CGRA Chapter in Northern Colorado back in 1994, where I served as President for 5 years.  I went on to become President of CGRA in 2010, serving for another 6 years in that position.  I also served as RMRR Rodeo Director in 2019.  I was on the World Gay Rodeo Finals Committee for 5 years and produced, as Rodeo Director, one of my life's greatest accomplishments.  That being WGRF 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at South Point Hotel and Casino.  A huge success, if I'm allowed to say so myself.

Knowledge, Camaraderie, Community and Compassion for the sport of Gay Rodeo is what you'll get.  I look forward to not only having but earning your continued support.

Aj Malcolm

Running for Rodeo Director

I am thrilled to step into the role of Rodeo Director, should you choose to have me. Drawing upon my extensive experience in event production, I'm committed to making the 2024 Rodeo truly exceptional. With the invaluable support of Butch Compton, we aim to deliver an arena competition that will leave cowboys and cowgirls talking for years to come. Our focus is on creating an atmosphere of pure fun and camaraderie, free from drama, ensuring an unforgettable rodeo experience.

Tommy Channel

Running for Rodeo Director
Tommy Channel.jpg

Have served on the BOD of CGRA for many years including many times and CGRA President.

Have been Rodeo Director four years for CGRA and Rodeo Director twice for IGRA World Gay Rodeo Finals.

Would like to continue with RMRR successful for years to come.

Brandon Volf

Running for Public Relations Chairperson
Brandon Volf.jpg

Dear Members,

I am excited to run for re-election as your Public Relations Chairperson. In my previous term, I focused on fresh social media strategies to promote CGRA and initiate community participation, including creating a new interactive CGRA Newsletter. I created a modernized branding strategy that was consistent throughout the year, building association recognition. Working closely with fundraising efforts, I helped build new relationships with several other organizations and businesses, which amplified CGRA’s public awareness, community involvement and membership growth throughout the year.  Moving forward, I am excited to continue highlighting CGRA as a growing, exciting organization that our community can look to as leaders among the many local LBGTQIA+  associations. 

Thank you for trusting my ideas during my previous term, and I look forward to representing CGRA well moving forward. 
Best regards, Brandon Volf Public Relations Chairperson

John Nelms

Running for Fundraising Chairperson

John Nelms, a Colorado cowboy and LGBTQ+ advocate, is the ideal CGRA Fundraising Chair. With decades of Denver business community relationships, he's uniquely qualified. John elevates LGBTQ+ voices and secures vital donations while embodying the true Colorado spirit. His unwavering dedication makes him the champion we need.

Tristan Duncan

Running for Rodeo Events Chairperson

I am excited and eager to take on the role of CGRA Rodeo Events Chairperson. My goal is to create memorable and enjoyable events and activities throughout the 2023-2024 rodeo season. Together, we'll make this year unforgettable, filled with fun and excitement for everyone involved.

Kade Hiller

Running for Membership Chairperson
Kade Hiller.jpeg

As a second year member, I hope to get more involved with the CGRA. I'm grateful for this opportunity and hopeful you'll vote for me to be at your service!

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