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Official Ballot:

Ballots may be completed online using the below link.  The email address used on the ballot must match the active membership email address to be valid.

Complete Ballot

Any invalid ballots will not be counted.  Duplicate ballots will not be counted.


-Elections will be at the regularly scheduled September General Membership meeting on September 22nd at 8:00 pm located at Charlie's Denver.

-Ballots will be mailed/emailed to all members at the member's last known address/email. 

-Emailed ballots will only be considered valid if received from the member's email address currently on file CGRA Membership.

-Mailed ballots will be sent 15 days prior to elections.

-For mailed ballots to be considered valid, they must be returned and received one (1) day before the elections

-Mailed ballots must be in a sealed envelope, sealed by the member, with their name printed on the back of the envelope.  The member's signature must be across the envelope's seal. 

-Without both the printed name and signature on the envelope, the ballot will be considered invalid and will not be counted.


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