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Feeling generous?  Consider one of these membership levels:

  • Blue Ribbon at $50
  • Champion at $100
  • Grand Champion at $175


Become a member of CGRA!  By purchasing this item in store, your application is submitted for membership.  The CGRA Board of Directors will review all applications in the following Board of Directors meeting.  Membership expires at the end of the quarter the year following approval.

New Member Donation

  • By purchasing this Membership, the purchaser agrees to, as to his or her duties as a member, conduct themselves so as to conform to the Bylaws of C.G.R.A, Inc. and any rules and regulations duly and validly adopted by the Directors, Officers, Committees, or Membership of C.G.R.A., Inc.. The purchaser further agrees, in connection with their participation or attendance in or at any event held by or for the benefit of C.G.R.A., Inc. to always comply with all applicable laws.


    Failure to honor the commitments set out above my cause termination of membership.


    For, and in consideration of, the acceptation of this Membership Appplication and of my being a member of C.G.R.A., Inc. with all its benefits and privileges, the purchaser does hereby agree to protect and indemnify and hold harmless C.G.R.A., Inc. from any and all damage, injury or death which might occur to the purchaser or to the purchaser's property in preparation for, during or immediately following any function held by or for the benefit of C.G.R.A., Inc. and also from any and all liability whatsoever in regard thereto whether any cause of action may occur to you, your executor, administrator or assigns.

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